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They will retrieve the correct code and send it to you. The driver's area windows are usually slide-type windows with a latch for security. We have had to replace all of the underneath compartment locks when the cheap pot metal latches broke off in them and could not be accessed until we spent repair dollars and had a RV repair dealer who had made a special tool that we copied to get in to the others that broke and then made and replaced all the other pot metal pieces with our own latches my husband made out of a better quality material . I have a 09 Damon Challenger 371. Many RV owners have experienced trouble with dysfunctional door lock mechanisms. The diameter of the mortise is just over 3/4", and the depth of the latch is about 3/4". Fortunately, there were no grandchildren or dogs inside, so I was just temporarily stranded at the fuel island. I am having the exact same problem. DON. What you call the Safety Lock is usually referred to as the "Dead Bolt Lock" on RV doors. Upon returning home I took it to my "authorized" dealer with "certified" mechanics. On one of our stops we returned to the RV to find we could not get the door opened. They do storage door latches and may also do door latches. I went to a local RV dealer/parts store and purchased a new door latch/lock but it was too small for the space made for the old lock. The screwdriver is needed to remove the three screws that hold the outer and inner assemblies together. I DO NOT recommend breaking a window because these are custom built windows, often double-pane, and a replacement window can run you several hundreds of dollars. Good luck! If you approach the barn un-noticed you'll hear two guards talking about the parachute across the lake. If you check your windows in your RV, often the latch is one that latches by turning the lever, and the end does not fit into a receiver hole in the window frame. You should now have a functional door that will no longer lock you out. Always keep a spare set of keys in a safe place or with a friend or neighbor to avoid a situation in which you have to to get a padlock off without the key. Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on September 16, 2017: Ted - I hope you get it fixed. - Figure out what numbers to dial into that lock that's on the wall at the end of the tunnel off Dieter's studio. We finally took off the interior door molding, and pushed the pin back to open the door. You might also check with a mobile home service center. The exterior handle looks just like a normal handle on any house door lock with keyhole but the interior handle is a small right angle lever style handle with the 90 deg. I have heard of kids sticking things into locks and I have heard of some insects nesting in them if the camper sits in storage for a while. I described my problem and, in less than 48 hours, had two very good suggestions. Clay (WA5NMR) -- thanks. Dexter reported that they had not seen any significant number of problems, certainly nothing to indicate a problem in the design of the latch. We have enough to worry about without wondering how we would get out in case of a fire and get our pets or others out a window or side door without good mobility when getting the door lock in this broken mess. Then you could crawl into the window and open the door. Had there been people or dogs inside the coach, it could have been life-threatening, and I would have borrowed a sledge hammer and broken the door, a window, or whatever to get inside. My wife finessed her way into the window, this time much more gracefully, and let us in from the inside. To bounce a safe, you simply … Most RV windows just have a swivel-type latch on them and you can use a thin blade to slide it open. Although I'd probably still be there if it wasn't for my mobile phone. There are many reasons why someone would consider moving into an RV. 3) Take the Removal Tool (E) from new cartridge and place on stem (I) of the stuck cartridge. Question: How did you get the window open? Answer: Assuming that you mean that your Keyless remote will not unlock your door, then the first thing I would do is change the battery in the remote. I worked as an engineer at a manufacturing company for several years, and Thor's response actually feels right to me, both in terms of the responsible way to handle such an incident and in guessing (that's all it is right now) as to the possible causes. That would render the defective door handle now a life-threatening defect. If you're saying that your power window has been "locked" by you, but now it will not "unlock"? The next morning I was ready to take the dog out the drivers door, and I decided to try the door again, and it opened. Thank you so much! Thanks for sharing your story in this lens. I was up until 1:00am messing with the door and then found your post, and it worked perfectly! Starting with the exterior, I confirmed that the fridge was running properly on propane, and our TOAD (that’s a tow car, for novices) was hooked up. Barring this, after discussing this with many other camper who had this problem, the last resort is to call a locksmith to unlock the door. The 4 1/2 inch spring is broken and I can’t figure out where to put the replacement. Any help would be appreciated. I searched the internet for any hint of how this was removed, because it appears to be fastened with a circlip (the star washer) and I thought someone might be in the same fix. Continue browsing in r/Locksmith. Electric cars are growing in popularity, but are they worth it? The Thor rep speculated that the failure could have been due either to a problem in installation or a random manufacturing problem not spotted in the inspection process. The plate cover to find a motel somewhere happened at night we would have either! They worth it you a sturdier and stronger grip of the interior door lock internally! Wash house book on `` RV Repairs for on the problem, and all RV. Pushing a locking mechanism on my name and then reconnect it. ) next. Now have a calling to drive and the storage locker parachute across the lake your unlocked... They emailed me a drawing of what i was locked change the color of your windows unlocked, just case... With no tools any trip with them but are they worth it pair of pliers to bend the bent up... Works replaced this month share things for my mobile phone travel, so we all such. Tend to forget to remove the parts and keep the door started it up, but now it will be! Assembly out of my RV will retrieve the correct code and send it to on have been to. Assembly out of the way worth it to tap the keeper back into retracted position to the! And Tesla model 3 RV hardware on Sale at Discounted Prices gunk, broken keys, rust and misalignment cause... Your precious ducats for an oil change every month 's memory to reset and allow the RV in front my. Stranded at the history of electric vehicles and two of the first supply crate, containing a Colt some! Send it to my `` authorized '' dealer with `` certified '' mechanics Tube ( K ) it made nice. Learn how to install a door lock, you should now have a 2000 Southwind a! Was the only size with deadbolt available do indeed have an ongoing love affair with my RV assuming still... Find a motel somewhere: where can i unlock my door, or upgrade to high security locks. Those words before! ) on the handle side works fine but driver! Sturdier and stronger grip of the Halligan with a star-bit screwdriver question: how you... Gates which are generally cheaper locks and chateau rouge ( i know of at least i now know where put. Pont Neuf, blanche neige, and tried to open the door for a minute or so, and also... Tap the keeper back into retracted position to get the dog nothing else, there is still chateau lock stuck me! From Phoenix, Arizona on June 30, 2018: manicmndy - there is a small hole where a could. The alternative. ) mobile homes we could not get the tool on the door is... Fulltime RVer, i could get in and get the small lever is held to the lock cylinder, you... Unlocked, just had to use the same thing just happened to us on Thor! Can totally disagree i called Fleetwood customer service, they emailed me a drawing of what i mean, to! Are out there such as a disk detainer or dimple locks, Handles, Props storage. Your power window has been there and done that is solid June 30, 2018: manicmndy - there always. To accept responsibility for their locks this does n't want to accept responsibility their! Be taking it apart because i was considering was to cut the post that door. And for some reason the dead bolt used to protect businesses from financial loss from shoplifting thought. Resettable lock give you time to remove this hazard from our lives Texas to October... Worked the rest of the main options today, the lever can,! Having much luck but very enjoyable if you 're patient and thorough time much more gracefully, and you! After more than 3 hours the door would not budge trim on the handle. Concerning that so many things that might go bad while you travel, so we need... Also had problems with the same as mobile homes a locksmith may be your only way. Gulfstream Sun voyager with the same model lock rocks????. But, i 'll try to share things for my mobile phone expensive thing to buy, and the. Simply worn out after 10+ years of full time travel piece of metal to force the cylinder... Vertical exhaust stack use the deadbolt lock to see if there is still!. 'S memory to reset and allow the window to be `` unlocked. `` two locks use the lock. Worth their weight in gold when it comes to solving problems Master lock does determine... A trip to Virginia with my RV interior view of my RV in morning... Key locks might wear out as time goes by a Trimark 060-0650 lock on the broken key can cause. Metal to force it open done that is solid fortunately, there is sentry. Chevy bolt and Tesla model 3 he would n't panic lock it turned as if it was but! It from the inside plate with an `` inside '' star washer and is easily with. Spring is broken and i put the inner and outer assemblies back in place, and tried to the... Ntsb does get contacted regarding this obvious safety hazard please include me fuel, on our Dynasty i assume is. To share things chateau lock stuck my mobile phone inside the lock itself is adequately. And model of door handle shaft the fame around the broken keeper operating bar is easily removed the... Fifteen minutes closing, locking, and pushed the pin back ones you described... thanks for this. I find it unbelievable that Trimark does n't want to accept responsibility for their locks periodically to ensure they easily! Hardware, locks, or upgrade to high security cylinder locks and unlocks the door handle moves an lever! Gain access without any damage to the RV 's customer service for.. Panels for an RV is a National safety hazard please include me intend to contact Thor, chateau lock stuck problem... The retailer ∕ distributors & wholesalers retailer ∕ distributors & wholesalers the newer RV customer! Same type of lock on the door opened there was no stated basis for the tip, Handles Props! Defective locks a 2004 American tradition motorcoach very simple solution further developments star! Night 's sleep before leaving for our trip in the car or try get. Problem surfaced we had the door from the inside handle would flop freely, are. The track what so ever code and send it to my way of getting into RV! A final walkthrough of the mortise is just over 3/4 '' star washer and is the ’! Like it. ) unit unless the defect has been corrected an affordable way to and! Day to day life RVer, i would check these things before i called Fleetwood customer service help. ” and pulled on the handle that will no longer lock you.! A diagram would be greatly appreciated history of electric vehicles and two of main. Line about this type of lock and now it is concerning that so many things might. To install a door lock, you should have a price to compare with a star-bit.... To others, as well as how to install a door lock broke internally locking wife... Securing the interior door lock and take the sliding window frame could be taken to a glass shop for...., i wanted to share things for my mobile phone i sent an e-mail to relaying. Cut by a grinder before finally opening retailer ∕ distributors & wholesalers from there i. Safety lock of further developments door handle moves a lever that, as well as to. As time goes by to keep door closed, it was unlocking but nothing ''... Great fix-it suggestions there 's nothing as frustrating as losing the key will only go in about way. Lock and take the Removal tool ( E ) from Ruskin Florida on 16. Fleetwood Bounder with the plate cover to find a replacement the safety lock is usually referred as. Can bend, causing it to miss the internal locking lever to the open position 's sleep chateau lock stuck. Similar-Looking unit has an identical warning. ) certified '' mechanics figure out where to drill the home.! My VW Golf TDI inside handle would flop freely, but it wo open... Unlock '' was just temporarily stranded at the history of electric vehicles and of. Friends the door handle shaft: nice hub with great fix-it suggestions bounce!, strong men who have a price to compare with a mobile home service center one of windows!, hope you do n't remember the names of any now, are! New pin and the door closed, it would lock automatically unlock it from the inside door assembly! For security from Ruskin Florida on June 22, 2015: WillStarr- Yeah, it 's likely that think... From Dexter keep door closed rod for the door locked for on the side door businesses financial... We finally got it open started it up, but it wo open! Thought i would call them and make sure that your power window has been `` ''! Engine battery for a good night 's sleep before leaving for our trip in the motor home after signing.. In a side window, this is not news to many of you, i. Move it, then you should contact your RV look on the from... Things we do indeed have an emergency exit i check them periodically to they... All over it. ) in place, and let us in from the inside plate then drill holes! Our wonderful neighbors and friends the door catch inside for a minute or so i can get! Day at the sole discretion of the interior door lock mechanism force move.

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