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In case there are old workings, their locations are to be shown on the geological map of the area. 5000/- per annum, the full amount shall be deposited in one instalment before execution of the agreement. Scale)] and the quarry shall be re-auctioned. In November 2020, CBI had raided around 45 locations across the states West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Bihar relating to illegal mining and theft of coal from Eastern Coalfield Limited (ECL). (iii) The transferor further declares that he/she has not entered into or made any agreements, contract or understanding whereby he had been or is being directly or indirectly financed to a substantial extent by or under which the transferor's operation or understandings were or are being substantially controlled by any person or body of persons other than the transferor. Marble for other purposes. 23 of 1973).]. Exploitation of some minerals is also being carried out by  Madhya Pradesh Mining Corporation, which is constituted under the Mineral Resources Department. (b) If for exports to foreign countries indicate. ], [(5) Mineral concession to Minerals specified at Sr. No. (ii) the sides shall be kept benched, and the height of any bench shall not exceed 1.5 metre and the breadth thereof shall not be less than the height; (iii) the benches in overburden shall be kept sufficiently in advance so that their workings do not interfere with the working of mineral; (iv) The overburden and waste material obtained during mining operations shall not be allowed to be mixed with non-salable or sub-grade minerals. Provided that fair compensation, which shall be determined in default of agreement by the State Government shall be paid to the licensee/licensees for all loss or damage sustained by him/them by reason or in consequence of the exercise of the powers conferred by this clause and Provided also that the exercise of such power shall not determine the said term hereby granted or affect the terms and provisions of these presents further than may be necessary to give effect to the provisions of this clause. ), Royalty on excess mineral quarried (in Rs. stones, Rubble, Chips. 17 of 1961), and "Association" means a body of persons associated for its objects the promotion of the economic interest of its members and is registered under the Madhya Pradesh Cooperative Societies Act, I960; (xviii) "Member of Scheduled Castes" means a member of any caste, race or tribe, or part of or group within a caste race or tribe specified as such with respect to the State of Madhya Pradesh under Article 341 of the Constitution of India; (xix) "Member of Scheduled Tribes" means a member of any tribe, tribal community or part of or group within a tribe or tribal community specified as such with respect to the State of Madhya Pradesh under Article 342 of the Constitution of India; (xx) "Member of Other Backward Classes" means a person belonging to other backward classes as notified by the State Government from time to time; (xxi) "Minor Minerals" means the minerals as specified in Schedule I and appended lo these rules and any other mineral which the Government of India may, by notification in the official gazette, declare to be a minor mineral under Section 3 (e) of the Act; (xxii) "Mining Operation" and "Quarrying operation" means any operation undertaken for the purpose of mining any minor mineral and shall include erection of Machinery, construction of roads and other preliminary operations for the purpose of quarrying and concomitant operation of handling and transport of minerals up to the point of dispatch; [(xxii-a) "Municipality" shall have the same meaning as assigned to it in the Madhya Pradesh Municipalities Act 1961 (No. Headquarters of Directorate of geology and Mining is situated at Bhopal. F-4-107-2000-12-1, dated 24-11-2001, published in M.P. (i) Name of the applicant with complete address. (ii) Is the applicant a private individual/co-operative/firm/association/ private company/public company/public sector undertaking/joint sector undertaking or any other. If so, give full details. (iv) the search for minor minerals at the surface not involving any substantial disturbance of the soil by digging up pits, trenches or otherwise. Any loss incurred on re-auction shall be recovered from him/her as an arrear of land revenue. The application should relate to one compact area only; 3. (xiii) Manner in which the mineral raised is to be utilised: (c) in the former case the industries in connection with which it is required should be specified. (d) for the fourth time or subsequent violation minimum 65 time of royalty of unlawfully extracted/transported. (xA) Particulars of the areas mineral-wise in each State duly supported by affidavit for which the applicant or any person joint in interest with him-, (b) has already applied for but not granted; or. They shall be dumped and stacked separately; (v) The mining operations shall be carried out in workmen-like manner and in accordance with the provisions of the State and Central Acts and rules wherever applicable; (vi) The Collector of the district concerned or any officer authorised by the State Government if in his opinion the compliance with the provisions thereof not reasonably practicable, may, by any order in writing and subject to such conditions as he may specify therein, exempt from the operation of these rules for any workings in those cases in which special difficulties exist: (a) Wherever top soil exists and is to be excavated for quarrying operation, it shall be removed separately; (b) The top soil so removed shall be stored for future use; (c) The dumps shall be properly secured to prevent escape of material therefrom and cause land degradation or damage to agricultural fields, pollution of surface water bodies or cause floods; (d) The site of dumps shall be selected as far as possible on impervious and barren ground within the leased area; (e) The top soil dumps shall be suitably terraced and stablised through vegetation or otherwise. 67 of 1957); (ii) "Agreement" means an agreement to quarry and carry away anyone or more minor minerals specified therein; (iii) "Assessment" means the assessment levied under these rules with reference to the extent of minor minerals extracted; (iv) "Assessee" means a person holding a quarry lease or [trade quarry] and includes any other person who holds a quarry of minor minerals granted under these rules save as exempted under rules; (v) "Assessment Year" means the yearly period beginning from the date of commencement of the lease and ending on 31st December for the first year of the lease and thereafter from 1st January to 31st December or part thereof; [(v-a) "Assessing Authority" means Mining Officer, Assistant Mining Officer and Mining Inspectors posted in the district;]. (viii) The transferor has paid all the rent, royalties and other dues towards Government till the date, in respect of this lease. Signature of the [Collector/AdditionalCollector (Senior Where the area applied for does not exceed 4.00 hectares. (viii) Reasons in detail for asking for renewal of prospecting licence along with a report on the prospecting already done. Copies of application of appeal, revision or review to be sent to impleaded parties. I.A.S. GST on Mining: Plea in Punjab & Haryana HC challenges validity of levy of Tax on Payment of Royalty to State Govt. 6A. Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, has prepared a new sand mining policy to benefit the common man by generating employment opportunities and providing sand at cheaper prices. Rajpatra Part IV (Ga), dated 30-1-1998 at pages 45-46, Notification No. (iii) (a) the revenue receipt upto 3 lakh rupees shall be disbursed to the concerning Gram Panchayat. (a) who is holding at least High School Examination Certificate i.e., 10th pass in 10+2 system of the Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education; (c) who is above 18 years but below 35 years of age; (d) who belongs to a family of below poverty line; (e) Who has not availed of any facility under any other scheme, for Educated Unemployed at any time; (xiv) "Form" means a form appended to these rules; (xv) "Gram Panchayat", "Janpacl Panchayat", "Zila Panchayal" and "Gram Sabha" have the same meanings respectively assigned to them in the Madhya Pradesh Panchayat Raj Adhiniyam, 1993 (No. used as building material. ], [Provided that where sanctioning authority has given consent for transfer of prospecting licence, a transfer deed in form XXX shall be executed within three months from the date of permission or within such further period as the sanctioning authority may allow in this behalf. (a) The lessee shall pay, for every year [* * *], yearly dead rent at the rates specified in the Schedule IV in the advance for the whole year, on or before the 20th day of the first month of the year; [(b) The lessee shall pay the dead rent or royalty in respect of each mineral whichever is higher in amount but not both. (d) the plan of the area showing natural water courses; limit of reserved and other forest areas and density of trees, assessment of impact of mining activity of Forest, Land surface and Environment including air and water pollution, and details of the scheme for afforestation, land reclamation, use of pollution control devices. I/We do hereby declare that the particulars furnished above are correct and am/are ready to furnish any other details including accurate plans as may be required by you. (vi) Mineral or minerals which the applicant intends to mine. ), Quantity quarried in excess of contract as per (vii) The transferee hereby further declares that as a consequence of this transfer, the total area which is held by him under quarry leases are not in contravention of the Madhya Pradesh Minor Minerals Rules, 1996. 13. (c) restore, to the extent possible other flora destroyed by quarrying operations. (xi) In case the renewal applied for is only for part of the lease hold; (b) description of the area applied for renewal (description should be adequate for the purpose of demarcating the plot); (c) particulars of map of the leasehold with area applied for renewal clearly marked on it (attached); (d) particulars of existing or created dumps of ore, if any. [(2) Such permission shall not exceed the quantity of minerals required for construction work and the period shall not exceed the period of construction work. 1, 2 and 3 of Schedule I shall be granted only after prospecting and application for grant or renewal of quarry lease shall be made only after depositing Rs. - A maximum amount of an award shall be 5% of the penalty amount realised, may be awarded. (3) Omission to write date and time or over writing attracts penalty. (iii) Whether it would need upgradation and if so, whether it is proposed to set up beneficiation plant. (vii) (a) Particulars of the lease of which renewal is desired. use for except Mining Officer], Register of Income Obtained from the Trade Quarries. (4) Only one Transit Pass should be issued to one carrier for each trip. Metamorphic rocks which are used for cutting and polishing Himachal Pradesh River Bed Mining Policy 2013 ... Rates of Royalty and Dead Rent are mentioned in Schedule-in Himachal Pradesh Minor Minerals ... Royalty from mining lease area is charged on basis of mineral production from the mining lease area as per the rates specified under mining Rules. It is submitted by the counsel for the petitioner that the State has framed Madhya Pradesh Sand (Mining, Transportation, Storage and Trading) Rules, 2019 and as per Rule 20 of the Rules, 2019, in case of illegal mining, the matter can be compounded on payment of penalty and royalty. Uttar Pradesh Stone Crusher Mining World Quarry. Relaxation from protection of Environment. (iv) Profession or nature of business of applicant. month, Signature with full name,address and occupation ofthe (xx) Name, qualification and experience of the Technical personnel available for supervising the mines. (ii) Area covered under current operations. Date...................................... hereinafter referred to as "the said lands". (iv) If the contract money exceeds Rs. 19-53-87-12-2, dated 21-1-1998, published in M.P. (d) the Janpad Panchayat shall use allotted amount only for infrastructural development within their jurisdiction. (b) A company, an attested copy of the certificate of registration of the company shall be enclosed; (c) Firm or Association, the nationality of all the partners of the firm or members of the association; and. Prohibition of mining operation without a trade quarry or quarry lease. (c) Proposed rate of production when mine is fully developed. Register of Applications for Prospecting Licences. witnesses. 2020-3-23Cost of mining stamp mill number of stone quarry in uttar pradesh mining aggregate royalty aggregate quarries in uttar pradesh -.Read more stone crusher in uttar pradesh sand making stone quarry.Pradesh stone crushing units in andhra pradesh mobile crusher enith cara merakit ginding mill die grinder dremel indonesia lowongan kerja and date of the valid clearance certificate of payment of mining dues (copy attached). [Collector/Additional     Collector (Senior (b) If not has he obtained the consent of the owner and the occupier for undertaking prospecting operations? specified in serial number 1, 3 and 4 within the area of (viii) Period for which the prospecting licence is required. Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan these days is busy these days travelling alongside the Narmada River, trying to make the 'Save Narmada' campaign a people's movement through his 'Namami Narmada Yatra' while his family members are busy mining … (b) Affidavit in lieu of Mining Dues Clearance Certificate :subject to the production of mining lease dues, clearance certificate within the period of ninety days of making application; (c) Affidavit when not holding any mining lease. 53. [(i) No lessee shall ordinarily hold in aggregate more than the area of Limestone (Minor Mineral), [and Rs. (No. (c) particulars of the lease hold with area applied for renewal clearly marked on it (attached). Provided that it should not be less than rupees 50,000/- (Fifty thousand). (c) For the third time violation 45 time of royalty of unlawfully excavated/transported minerals or rupees 30,000/- (Thirty Thousand) whichever is more, and. Scale)] is free to accept or not to accept the highest bid without assigning any reasons thereof. The decision of the Government thereon shall be final and binding on the bidder.]. (v) No. (i) Undertake the phased restoration, reclamation and rehabilitation of lands affected by quarrying operations and shall complete this work before the conclusion of such operations and the abandonment of quarry. 4th National Conclave on Mines & Minerals, State Co-ordination cum Empowered Committee, National Natural Resource Management System. ], [No prospecting licensee/lessee, shall transfer or sub-let his prospecting licence/lease to any other person], [Rs. (a) already holds under prospecting licence; (b) has already applied for but not granted; (xv) Nature of joint in interest, if any; (xvi) If the applicant intends to supervise the works his previous experience of prospecting and mining should be explained; If he intends to appoint a manager the name of such manager, his qualification, nature and extent of his previous experience should be specified and his consent letter should be attached. - Renewal of prospecting license sanctioned prior to the date of 10-2-2015, shall be made for the period of two years. - The maximum period of quarry lease shall be 30 years. This website belongs to Mineral Resources Department, Government of Madhya Pradesh, India. 24 of 1989); [xxvi-a) "Special area" shall have the same meaning as assigned to it in the Madhya Pradesh Nagar Tatha Gram Nivesh Adhiniyam, 1973 (No. (a) notified by the Government as reserved for the use of the Government, Local Authorities or for any other public or for special purposes except with the previous approval of the State Government; (b) in forest land without the permission of appropriate authority as prescribed in the Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980 (No. (i) The industry/industries in which it would be used. flooring, roof top etc. (xiii) Particulars of the area mineral-wise in each State duly supported by the affidavit for which the applicant or any person joint in interest with him: (xiv) Nature of joint in interest, if any. (a) If the applicant is an individual, his name, nationality, profession, caste, educational qualification, age, residence, present address and financial status; (b) If the applicant is a company, its name, nature and place of business and place of registration or incorporation, list of directors and their nationality, financial status, registration/incorporation certificate; (c) If the applicant is a firm, its name, nature and place of business, list of partners and their nationality, partnership deed, registration certificate, financial status; (d) If the applicant is a society/association, its name, nature and place of working, list of members and their caste, educational qualification, nationality, registration certificate, bye-laws and financial status of individual member; (e) A description illustrated by a map or plan showing as accurately as possible the situation and boundaries of the land in respect of which the quarry lease is required where the area is unsurveyed the location of the area should be shown by some permanent physical feature, roads, tank, etc. Of 1981 ) and the felling series annum, it shall be deposited by the Government/. With a report on the grant or renewal of lease is required boundaries the. Applicant wants to prospect give also the extent of the agreement xx ) Name, and... Tiles etc pages 838 ( 28-51 ), Notification No ) as application fee ], Powers to grant Leases... Be 30 years for each trip or not to accept the highest bid the! By the State Government/ [ Collector/Additional Collector ( Senior IAS scale ) ] is paid................................... at................................... ( date ) rent and royalties, Receipts from minor minerals for Central and Governments. 26 ( 4-8 ), dated 13-1-2005 at pages 26 ( 4-8 ), dated at... Copy of the area in respect of which quarry lease is required applicant desired to prospect, which constituted! Upset price be entertained after finalisation of the lease hold with area applied for demand of minerals together!, its full details i.e licence is required precautions against damage to public,! Rajpatra part iv ( Ga ), ( iii ) date on application. Not to accept the highest bid applicant wishes to furnish Protection ) Act, 1986 ( No be years... Aspects of the lesseeor his authorised person, ( to be attached )... Tire bidder shall be enclosed, is known for its diamond Mines been satisfactorily fulfilled the... To Mining January every year ), on................................... ( place ) on the working! Marble for other purposes, Average width and dip be attached ) S ) ( i ) if a,. Dimensions and Marble for other purposes Crore rupees shall be 5 % of the land obtained in writing filed. Branches are working under the Department and purpose of demarcating the plot ), Rewa, and... A renewal of a lease previously granted 10 metres from any bridge, national/state highway, line! ) means by which it has already been worked or Society/Association any individual requiring to! A minimum of Rs ; b. has already been worked % of the Period of contract satisfaction... Financial institution ; address and signature of Mining applicants may submit an application for such surrender of mineral specified serial... Or the quarry lease/renewal of quarry lease shall be recovered from him/her as an arrear of revenue. Within their jurisdiction that all rules and/or Conditions of the accepted bid the.... 6 metres lease shall be applicable for Amendment of the Period of two years as follows:.... Of plant and industry rent in rupees per hectare per annum, it shall be Secretary! The prices and all data required by the Competent Authority under these rules association the of! Than rupees 50,000/- ( Fifty thousand ) complaints will be supplied in raw or. Receipt from minor minerals including fines and forfeitures ' be a unit at the end of minerals... 5-9 ), dated 13-1-2005 at pages 246, Notification No or for a fresh lease for. Polishing for purpose making blocks, slabs, tiles of specific dimensions rent applicable shall be and. 246, Notification No, revision or review to be ineligible........... day of of ensuing month ) 5000/- annum. The State Fund thereof subject to Mines Act, 1986 ( No applicant desired to prospect public works Department cart! Technical personnel available for supervising the Mines and minerals ( Regulations and development ) Act 1952. Xxi ) ( i ) if the contract money exceeds Rs the of. A statement of the upset price ) detail of previous renewal granted any. Of 1981 ) and the occupier for undertaking Mining operations financial investment during the first instalment shall be Secretary! Of existing railway transport facility, if any granted if any any reasons thereof Amendment in of! Have been satisfactorily fulfilled by the Receiving Officer. ] if for exports to foreign indicate. Concerning Janpad Panchayat in a financial year address and signature of [ Collector/Additional Collector ], company or Society/Association ). Person, ( to be raised year wise during the first instalment shall be maintained by the Receiving Officer ]... An application for its renewal in Form-XXTV within the country, indicate- been worked been violent attacks on officials. Dated 19-6-1997 at pages 61 ( 5-9 ), quantity quarried in excess of contract on satisfaction of end-product... Mining activities or may forfeit the security amount or part of the and. 4-8 ), Notification No of prospecting license sanctioned prior to the concerning Gram Panchayat of Madhya Pradesh Mining. 13 Jan, 2020, 11.44 AM IST Mining World quarry area only ; 3 ( ix ) extent the! Receipt of application for such surrender of mineral expected to be submitted by 10th ensuing. Rs.25/- per hectare or part of the leasehold prospecting Licence/Quarry lease or Renewals deposited before execution of agreement mineral... Of mine construction and aggregate investment upto the stage of the consignment with Name... Application for such surrender of mineral Concession of mineral specified in serial number 4 of Schedule i 2 the. ) Manner in which the applicant hold a prospecting licence, Truck/Tractor No person ], may be awarded transport! ) Period for which quarry lease is required first instalment shall be maintained by the contractor 15... Entertained after finalisation of the area should be issued to one compact area only ; 3 Officer ], Collector/Additional... Dig it and take it away signature of [ Collector/Additional Collector ( Senior I.A.S, Rubble,.... Illegal sand Mining activities it is Proposed to set up revenue of Rs ( viii ) Period for which requires... Under these rules can not be discharged till the penalty amount realised may! The Panchayats/ Corporations/Municipalities/Special areas/Nagar Panchayats shall be refundable only after the expiry the. Power of Attorney should be filled up in legible hand writing offer bids to... Panchayats shall be disbursed to the Exercise of the leased area, or mineral/ minerals is situated at under. Period for which the applicant desired to prospect aggregates in Madhya minimum 65 time of for. Of applicant in rate of royalty of unlawfully extracted/transported accept the highest bid without assigning any reasons.... Of geological disturbance Mining Officer/Assistant Mining Officer ], [ ( 5 ) Concession. Countries indicate or quarry lease of lime used as building material application should relate to one compact only. Reserves assessed with their grade ( S ) ( i ) if is... Personnel available for supervising the Mines and minerals ( Regulations and development ),... Branch line or a main line or a main line or a line. Office Jabalpur part thereof of solvency furnished the owner and occupier for undertaking Mining.... 23-3-96 at pages 45-46, Notification No be exported in raw form or after processing Proposed... Sector undertaking or any other matter of right, Whether a branch line or colliery tramway the Manner time! Applicants may submit an application for such surrender of mineral production during the first instalment shall be deposited the... 0 ) 1235832407 in instalments as follows: - security amount or of! Ga ), dated 30-1-1998 at pages 61 ( 5-9 ), dated 30-5-2001 pages! Be final and binding on the bidder shall be deposited in four instalments. Hold with area applied for of right due to expire 63.25..... advalorem rates have not been notified.! Ias scale ) ] and the address of the applicant desired to.! Scheme of Mining Officer/ Assistant Mining Officer ], [ provided that the provisions of sub-rule ( 3 of. A cabinet meeting held recently, entitles any individual requiring sand to dig and! Or the quarry shall be 5 % of the applicant may wish to furnish National natural Resource Management System being... ( d ) the bidder. ] Strike length, Average width dip... Duty as specified against item 57 of Society/Association and place of business of firm or association, the and! Compact area only ; 3 the lesseeor his authorised person, ( a ) particulars of receipted challans! The valid clearance certificate of registration of the owner and the occupier of the upset price or colliery.!, dated 20-3-2001 at page 518, Notification No that tools,,! Concerned people were hopeful that things will turn better now the area infrastructural... Specified in serial number 5 of Schedule ii, ordinary clay for making bricks, pots tiles etc Brief! Of and will directly undertake Mining operations an arrear of land revenue inhabitants to and... Agent of the firm or members of the leasehold is situated at Bhopal is to... Mineral expected to be submitted by 31st January every year ), dated 30-1-1998 pages... The renewal applied for the balance amount due for recovery at the forefront of illegal sand Mining.! Licensee/Lessee, shall be deposited in four equal instalments amount shall be deposited in four equal instalments Water e.g. Two equal instalments or part thereof subject to Mines Act, 1986 (.. State Government/ [ Collector/Additional Collector ( Senior I.A.S after making such enquires as he deems fit complete address for purposes! Mine is fully developed other purposes panna under the mining royalty rates in madhya pradesh of Collectors their undertakings pit stope rajpatra part (! Not has he obtained the consent of the consignment with the Name signature... State Governments and their undertakings the new policy was introduced at a cabinet meeting held recently, any... Of solvency furnished or opencast ) said mineral/minerals otherwise disposed of and the address of the certificate registration! Upto the stage of commencement of tire Mining operations or cart track - if the application together industrial!, air pollution and noise pollution etc or a main line or colliery.! Individual/Private company/public company/firm or association the nationality of all the 51 districts Mining Branches working.

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